24.3.20 Online Lessons update

24.3.20 Online Lessons update

24th March 2020

Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping safe and well. It is a worrying time for a lot of people at the moment and we need to try our very best to stay strong. Our TKD should hopefully help with our mental aswell as our physical wellbeing at this time. x

Many thanks to all those students/parents who have requested access to the online lessons/materials. It is good to know we have so many students who are keen to continue working hard!

Just to give you a quick update – we’re ‘nearly’ there in terms of uploading our first set of online lessons and materials!! Sir has been recording material every day.

It has also taken quite some time making sure that we are preparing the right type of material for the students/parents who have expressed an interest, together with the editing and presentation side too. I am certain we will get much quicker at this!

We have our first Dragon lesson fully completed and are still working through material for the older students/higher grades. New material will be uploaded over a period of time as we prepare more!

We have had a few people ask about us streaming ‘Live’. We will not be doing this for a number of reasons – less flexibility perhaps for you to look at the lessons at your convenience and importantly, if Sir is ill, then he would not be available and therefore ‘Live streaming’ and online lessons would not be possible.

We will be texting each of you as soon as possible with the login details. Your patience is much appreciated at this time.

If any current student/parent would like to take advantage of the online lessons during this interim period and you’ve not been in touch with us, please text us for access and we will confirm details asap thereafter.

Many thanks for your continued patience and support at this difficult time.

Stay safe, stay strong and get ready to work hard on your TKD!! Speak soon!

Best regards to you all

Tracey and Sir!