22.3.20 Online Lessons

22.3.20 Online Lessons

22nd March 2020

Dear Students/parents/guardians

Hope you are all keeping well. As our physical classes are postponed for the time being (please refer to our previous bulletins), we are in the process of putting some online lessons together for the benefit of our students.

We are still filming and editing at the moment and should be ready to upload onto this website very soon!

You will require specific details to access and view the online material. We are sending text messages at the moment seeking your confirmation as to whether you require/want access. This will help us establish what material needs uploaded in the first instance, in terms of the grade/ belt level of the interested students.

Apologies if you haven’t received a text message from us as yet, but if you are wanting access to the online lessons, please send a confirmation text message to us at your earliest opportunity. We will then send you the instructions for logging in asap thereafter.

Hope you are all keeping well and many thanks for your continued support at this time.

Best regards and take care

Tracey and Sir