26.3.20 – Online Lessons Update

26.3.20 – Online Lessons Update

26th March 2020

Dear Student/Parents/Guardians

Hope you are all keeping safe and well at this difficult time. Take care. xx

Just to let you know that we have now uploaded a number of videos to the website and will be issuing March’s login details today (by text message) to all those current Reflex members who have expressed an interest.

If you haven’t received your login details and would like access during this interim period, please let us know by text message to the usual number.

It has taken us a lot longer than we expected to put material together to benefit the many students who have expressed an interest. If you have any queries on anything or have suggestions for material to be added, please send us a message to our usual number.

Please also read the important introduction page once you are logged in and the safety message!! You may also enjoy watching the inspirational video! (not to be tried at home!)

More material is being constantly created and uploaded so please login regularly. Passwords are changed monthly so you’ll need to request access at the start of the month please.

Enjoy the lessons and remember to adopt that true TKD spirit! – focus, determination and hard work!

Best regards and many thanks to you all. Hoping to see you all soon!

Tracey and Sir