5.11.20 Lockdown 2

5.11.20 Lockdown 2

5th November 2020

Dear students/parents

First of all, we hope you are all keeping safe and well at this time. It was lovely having you back in classes over the last few months, although of course with all the procedures in place, it has understandably been very different to the norm.

As you know, today marks the start of a second lockdown. Being sport/leisure, we are of course included in that lockdown so unfortunately have to close with effect from today. We do hope to return in early December as is intended.

We want to thank you all for your continued support over this period. Many thanks indeed. xx You should all have the the login details for the online lessons and please get in touch with any queries at all. We will also try and get some more material added over this time.

Rather than texting you so often, please keep an eye on this newsfeed for the very latest updates. We do not use FB or other social media platforms. For enquiries, the best way to get in touch is be e-mail or text message.

For those intending to grade to Black Belt in December, Sir will be e-mailing you all the relevant information asap once all decisions have been made.

Above all and more importantly, we mustn’t all forget the reason for this second lockdown – to protect everyone and our NHS from Covid and we want to say many thanks again to everyone who is working so hard to beat this.

Stay safe everyone, warmest regards to you all.

Tracey and Sir :):)