School Update – 4.8.20

School Update – 4.8.20

4th August 2020

Dear Students/Parents

It has been an extremely difficult time over the last few months and we hope you are all staying strong and safe! 🙂 x

We are currently phasing the return of our students but this return is obviously linked to the restrictions imposed at each point in time. We are hoping however that we may have most of our students back indoors again by September/October time?!

Welcome back to those of you who have been included in the first phase and have recently returned to our new form of training (socially distanced training) and thanks so much again for your support over the last four/five months.

This phased return of students will take place over a number of weeks/months (fingers crossed) but due to the various restrictions, we are obviously limited in terms of the number of classes we can and are able to do! We have started outdoor sessions at a secure venue for our older paying youngsters and adults, and have just commenced our first indoor sessions for our youngest paying students. These sessions will continue throughout the summer until further notice.

The feedback has been really good so far and we sincerely appreciate your patience at this time as we try to get more time set aside for each and every student. Outdoor and indoor sessions at the moment are limited to 30 minutes for our younger students and teens. Our indoor sessions are also very limited. What would normally take 1.5 hours now takes 6 hours indoors! You can appreciate how logistically difficult this has been to try and organise, but at the same time, be fair in terms of the order of student’s return.

If you haven’t been included in sessions so far, please do get in touch with us and express your interest in returning, so that we may assess the number of additional sessions needed. Please contact us on our usual numbers or by e-mail. Students will resume in the order of making contact with us. Many thanks.

In respect of new starters, you will be phased into classes once all current students have had the opportunity to return. Many thanks for your continued patience.

Please remember for all our classes – indoors and outdoors – please read and follow the safety advice and protocol (and method statement) that you have been supplied with by text message or on our members page. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries at all and please DO NOT come to any sessions if you or your child are shielding, have any symptoms or been abroad to an affected area in the last two weeks. Everyone’s safety is important and your co-operation is essential please.

We will post future updates on this page or directly to you. We no longer use FB or other social media pages.

Many thanks, stay safe and looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

Warmest regards and take care

Tracey and Sir! :):)