28.6.20 School Update

28.6.20 School Update

28th June 2020

Dear all

Hope you are all keeping safe and well at this time and we want to start by sincerely thanking you all once again for your continued support over this period. We hope you have found the online lessons both informative and enjoyable. The password for July will be changing and only current subscribed members will retain access.

As lockdown eases, we are exploring all options in terms of your continued training. As at today’s date (28.6.20) we are still unclear as to when we will definitely be able to re-open indoor classes and what restrictions on numbers will exist at that time.

During the month of July, we are therefore looking at alternative ways to keep our fitness improved by operating an outside gym (with social distancing and other protocols in place). We have with the help of a student’s parent secured an area that is secure and should be convenient for all our students. Of course the weather is a big factor in determining whether all planned sessions will go ahead and whether this idea will be a success?!! We will of course have restrictions on numbers (groups of five or six) and after a trial, we will be communicating with you a suggested date/time for your session (if the trial is successful and weather permitting). Due to numbers and restrictions, unfortunately there will be no alternative if you can’t make the session you are invited to. We trust you understand. We also don’t know at this point if the sessions will be weekly?

Due to the size of our school, this understandably has been logistically extremely difficult to organise and the success of our plans will be based on everyone complying with the rules and protocols that we will have in place. We will not be able to run these sessions if our strict guidelines are not adhered to. We will try our utmost to make sure that all current subscribed/[paying students are included in these planned outdoor sessions if the trial is successful.

Student’s attendance is by invitation only as we work through the ages/grades and Assistant Instructor’s availability in putting groups together. Further details will be given in terms of the rules and protocol ensuring we are AT ALL TIMES complying with all guidance.

Unfortunately at this stage and due to strict number restrictions, we can not I’m afraid include those students who have cancelled their payments and also any new starters who were invited to a taster class before lockdown. Unfortunately, it ‘may’ also not be possible for some of our youngest Dragon students to take part for safety reasons. We will however keep you posted. We sincerely apologise but trust you will understand how difficult this is to try and organise at the present time.

We hope to see you all soon and will keep you up to date with further developments as they arise.

If you intend cancelling your payment for July, we totally understand but please do let us know so we can exclude you from these interim plans. The payment per family of students per month will remain through July at £27 per family please. Payments are please due on the first of the month. Many thanks indeed.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully see you all very soon!

Warmest regards and many thanks to you all.

Tracey and Sir! :):)