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A gentle introduction to our International Martial Art.

The Kids International ITF syllabus includes a range of games and exercises that help the young student to learn important and fundamental aspects of their Martial Art through play and interaction whether it be hearing, seeing or simply participating and when all these factors are present, that goal of learning is achieved with fun and enthusiasm.

Important life skills which can be applied in day to day school and home are learned and developed further including team work, partner work, listening skills, discipline, confidence, self control, communication skills, co-ordination skills, memory skills, balance, focus, fitness etc. We achieve this by using exercises, drills and games that concentrate on certain elements that are required in a Martial Arts programme.

In time, as a student grows both physically and mentally; they will have  the qualities to learn self-defence and the discipline to exercise it correctly with confidence. Also helping them achieve their goals in life with a safe and confident outlook.

Kicking, punching, blocking, stances, pad work and board breaking are fundamental to the classes with limited contact between the students themselves.  The series of belts will take the young student towards their first adult belt/grade in ITF Taekwon-Do.  All students start with a white belt to signify no prior knowledge of Taekwon-Do.