Taekwon-Do Teens (13-16 yrs)

Taekwon-Do Teens (13-16 yrs)

24th April 2017

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Taekwon-Do Teens Classes – these classes are structured on the adult syllabus with specific attention to developing a student’s confidence and self control whilst learning an authentic Martial Art.   Our teens classes are mixed belt/ability in nature. The focus for all students is on learning and developing the correct technical aspect of our Martial Art – learning and perfecting the various types of kicks, blocks, striking and punching techniques.

Pad work, jumping techniques, board breaking, patterns, self-defence  and the opportunity to go through our International belt system to achieve the International Black Belt.  Students can also attend competitions locally, nationally and internationally.

We offer separate sparring/kickboxing classes which is the sport side of our Martial Art and semi-contact in nature.

The Teens programme is based on an  International Syllabus and with time the student can achieve their International Black Belt!