Taekwon-Do Kids/Dragons (4-7 yrs)

Taekwon-Do Kids/Dragons (4-7 yrs)

24th November 2017

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TAEKWOND-DO KIDS/DRAGONS  – Classes from four years of age, a gentle introduction to our Martial Art and following an International Syllabus with a focus on respect,  listening & co-ordination skills, team work & partner work.

Many parents have asked the question, ‘Is my child too young to start Taekwon-Do?’

Our Taekwon-Do Kids Syllabus has been developed to ensure that children learn through play and interaction whether it be listening, seeing or simply participating and when all these factors are present, that goal of learning is achieved with fun and enthusiasm.

As an International ITF Taekwon-Do Academy, it is our job to prepare the Taekwon-Do Kids in readiness to start learning the more advanced elements of the Martial Art. This is implemented in an indirect way in which they will learn without even realising it. We achieve this by using exercises, drills and games that concentrate on certain core elements that are required in a Martial Arts programme. Areas covered and worked on in classes are discipline & respect, co-operation, memory, team work, balance & focus, co-ordination & fitness. These core elements and the class environment help the student grow to understand what’s expected of them at school, home and within our Dojang (training hall).

In time, as the Taekwon-Do Kids develop both physically and mentally,  they will possess the qualities to learn self-defence and the discipline to exercise it correctly with confidence. Also helping them achieve their goals in life with a safe and confident outlook.

The Kids/Dragon programme is based on an International Syllabus and with time the student can achieve their International Black Belt!