TKD Sparring/Korean Kickboxing

TKD Sparring/Korean Kickboxing

24th February 2017

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Sparring/Korean Kickboxing Classes – these classes are the sport side of our Martial Art  and are semi-contact in nature and involve scoring points against an opponent.   Fast reflexes and agility will develop with time enabling the student to dodge and counter-attack.  Separate classes for adults, teens and youngsters are available on various days.

Due to the nature of these classes and the experience of our students, these classes are only available to our current Taekwon-Do students and students are only permitted to attend these classes once they have developed a proficient level of competence with their techniques.

Students who attend our sparring/kickboxing classes are permitted to compete in this event within organised ITF Taekwon-Do competitions locally, nationally and internationally.