Taekwon-Do Juniors (8-12 yrs)

Taekwon-Do Juniors (8-12 yrs)

24th May 2017

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Taekwon-Do Junior Classes – these classes are based on the adult syllabus with the pace and type of techniques being taught linked to the age range and belt level of the specific class.  Classes are either beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced and based on the belt grades.

For all our Junior classes, there is specific attention to developing the student’s confidence and self control whilst learning an authentic Martial Art.   The focus is on learning and developing the correct technical aspect of our Martial Art – learning and perfecting the various types of kicks, blocks, striking and punching techniques.  Pad work, jumping techniques, board breaking, patterns, self-defence  and the opportunity to go through our International belt system to achieve the International Black Belt.  Students can also attend competitions locally, nationally and internationally.

We offer separate sparring/kickboxing classes which is the sport side of our Martial Art and semi- contact in nature.

The Junior programme is based on an International Syllabus and with time the student can achieve their International Black Belt!