Taekwon-Do Adults (16 yrs +)

Taekwon-Do Adults (16 yrs +)

24th March 2017

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Taekwon-Do Adults Classes – With specific beginner, intermediate and advanced classes available and a choice of options for training, we have many parents of current students who have decided to do the classes themselves and have made many new friends!  Like all our classes, the pace of the class and type of techniques being taught is specific to the experience or belt level of the students.  A student’s confidence and self control is developed with time.

The focus for all students is on learning and developing the correct technical aspect of our authentic Martial Art – learning and perfecting the various types of kicks, blocks, striking and punching techniques.  Pad work, jumping techniques, board breaking, patterns, self-defence  and the opportunity to go through our International belt system to achieve the International Black Belt.  Students can also attend competitions locally, nationally and internationally once they have developed the necessary skills and attained the appropriate level.

Some of our classes are taught by a female Assistant Instructor, one of only a few female Taekwon-Do Instructors in the North East of England.

We offer separate sparring/kickboxing classes which is the sport side of our Martial Art and semi-contact in nature.   There is also a Taekwon-Do cardio class for Adult students.
A range of memberships exist with some adults choosing to train up to six times a week!
The Adults programme is based on an International Syllabus and with time the student can achieve their International Black Belt!