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From complete beginners to Sixth Degree Black Belts, Reflex has a number of classes suitable for adults depending on level of experience, with some adults opting to train up to five times a week!

There are a number of options available for adults in terms of the types of classes they can attend  (all Taekwon-Do based).  Once an adult has reached a certain competence in their technical Taekwon-Do class, there is the option to attend the adults Sparring/Korean Kickboxing class, which is the sport side of our Martial Art.  For those adults who train more than twice a week, we also have a free TKD cardio class that can be attended to improve overall fitness whilst utilising some of the techniques from the Martial Art.

As a new starter, you will be most welcomed and  ‘looked after’ by the other students in the class.    Everyone started as a beginner at one point!

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